ProjectRELOAD Texture Overhaul

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ProjectRELOAD Texture Patch v0.75

Guys, I haven’t been there for a while and couldn’t update this patch, couldn’t respond to your comments or questions. Sorry.

We’ve almost reached 10,000 DOWNLOADS guys! Thank you all for the ratings, comments, advice, downloads! You can support us by giving more tips, rating this mod, with your comments and small donations if you can.

Hello everyone, This is the ProjectRELOAD texture patch. We are now releasing it in standalone mode because you can use it with a vanilla game or with any graphics mod. For a better experience, use it with ProjectRELOAD v3.60! We are testing this mod with this.

Please comment and rate the patch. THANKS!

This update focuses on Hollywood Side. Billboards, Props, Buildings, Decals, Lods, etc. Adds 250 new textures!

The patch includes:
+ Better vegetation textures (plants, trees, rocks, etc.)
+ Better road texture (Not all of course. Highways, some country roads, dirty roads, BeverlyHills, downtown, little west coast.)
+ Better hill textures
+ Better wall, sidewalk, ground, grass, ivy, mud textures.
+Best Accessories
+ Best Lods
+ Best decals
+Best Billboards

This patch improves over 1450 vanilla textures!

Edit all textures following the folder system.

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